Board of Survey Example

Proceedings of a Board of Survey convened at Fort Phil Kearney DT. in compliance with Special Order dated July 6th 1867, HQ, Fort Phil Kearney D.T.

Fort Phil Kearney, D.T.
July 7th, 1867

Special Orders No 107

A Board of Survey to consist of Capt T. Ten Eyck 18th Infy, Lieut Seth Bonney 27th Infy and E.L. McCaullay 27th Infy is hereby ordered to convene at 3 P.M. to day or as soon thereafter as practicable for the purpose of examining into and reporting upon the condition of a certain lot of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores invoiced to Brevet Major D.S. Gordon 2nd U S Cavly by Brevet Lieut Col Wm McNutt.

By Order of
Brevet Maj Genl John E Smith
Comdg Post

Signed A.H. Bowman
Lieut 27th Infty
Post Adj’t

The Board met pursuant to the above order present all the members.

The Board then proceeded to examine into the deficiency understood to exist between the original invoice from Lieut Col McNutt Ord Officer, dated July 30 1866 Fort Leavenworth Kans, and the actual amount received by Brevet Major D.S. Gordon 2nd US Cavalry July 4th 1867.  The Board upon opening the packages which showed indications of having once been opened found a deficiency as follows –

30 Thirty Starr Carbines

30 Thirty Screw Drivers

50 Fifty Thongs & Brush Wipers

2 Two Sabre Belts & Plates

8 Eight Pairs Spurs & Straps

2 Two Arm Chests

The condition of all the property was new with the exception of 2 Two Sabre Belts and Plates which were worn.

The Board found it impossible to fix the responsibility of the deficiency which exists as no bill of Lading accompanied the property received by Brevet Major D.S. Gordon 2nd Cavalry.  It is plain however, that in consideration of the length of time the stores were in transit, namely nearly one year – and the long and circuitous route over which they were transported (Via Fort Lyons Col Ter’y) that said stores must have passed through many hands before arriving at this Post, which renders it probable that in the handling of the property the packages might have been broken open and part of the stores taken or lost.

The Board are of the opinion that Brevet Major D.S. Gordon 2nd US cavalry is in no way responsible for the deficiency which exists.

The Board having completed its business adjourned Sine Die.

                                                                                    Signed T. Ten Eyck
Capt 18th US Infy
President of the Board

Signed E.L. McCaullay
2nd Lieut 27th Infy
signed Seth Bonney
1st Lieut 27th US Infy

Approved    Hd Qrs Ft Phil Kearney DT  July 7th 1867

Jno E Smith
Brevet Maj Gen’l USA

A True Copy
[signed] S. Bonney
Lieut 27th US Infty
post adjt


Sine Die means “without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing”.  Adjournment in this way allows for the board to be called back into session for a number of reasons, such as new evidence.  Where dissolution of the board would require a new board to be empaneled to rehear case.