Why can’t I search your database myself?

This feature is still in development.  Please check the website for status updates.

What will my search results contain?

We will send you an email containing the search results from our extensive database and catalog of 19th century U.S. Army documents.  The results of that search will show the total number and types of documents pertaining to your research request.

What type of information is contained in the different types of documents?

The following table illustrates the type of information contained in specific types of documents.  These explanations are general assumptions based on the 19th century U.S. Army record keeping procedures and guidelines.  Our research shows that there may be exceptions to the content included in these record types.

Document Type

Information Generally Contained in the Document

General Order Information of interest to an entire Army organization (i.e. department, district, fort/post, or regiment) such as administrative procedures.
Special Order Information pertaining to individuals or specific subjects.  Topics covered include duty assignments, government property distribution, and troop assignments.
Court Martial Orders These documents summarize the results of the court martial proceedings (e.g. general, garrison, regimental, field officer, etc.) and typically include the name(s) of the defendant, court officials, and associated individuals as well as type, date, and location of infraction(s).  Some proceedings provide extensive details on infractions.  Proceedings may also be issued as a General Order.
Rosters Personnel assignments and their positions, ought to include; name, rank, and unit of individuals.
Registers Bound compilations of orders, letters, and miscellaneous documents.  Registers typically include full transcriptions of loose-leaf documents.
Letters/Reports Correspondence range from simple cover letters conveying required reports/ returns to detailed accounts of a variety of topics.  Letters include the names of sender and recipient.  Readers often wrote notes (known as endorsements) on the outside of letters.
Compiled Military Service Record (CMSR) Prepared by the War Department, Bureau of Pensions.  Generally, these files include cards that list whether a solder was absent/ present during each 2-month muster period.  The cards, and additional paper documents, may also list medical, death, personal property, and payroll information.
Comprehensive Military Service Record (Old Army Records exclusive) Information included in a Compiled Military Service Record was meant to verify whether a soldier legally completed his enlistment and therefore warranted a pension.  Specific, information, such as medical treatments and day-to-day jobs and military duty, were often omitted from a CMSR.  Old Army Records can thoroughly scour extant records to compile a Comprehensive Military Service Record (CompMSR).
Misc. Many documents were retained for transient purposes and include a variety of subject matter and detail.

How can I order the documents I want?

Simply reply to our emailed Query Results with your selection of documents and we will send an invoice.  Instructions will be provided for you to be able to pay with your major credit card or PayPal account.  Once payment has been verified, we will send you a confirmation email with PDF-versions of the requested documents.

Be aware that the query response, including document preparation and submittal,  may take up to 7 business days to complete.  The ordering process will evolve, so please bear with us.